Strength Training

A Strong Ride

rider-fit-strenth-trainingCore strength (the spine needs to be strengthened in 5 planes of motion), balance throughout the hip stabilizers (knowing what they are), and postural strength (antagonist and agonist - how they play off of each other in the upper body), are some key areas that improve a riders confidence and communication with the horse while also improving their own ability in and out of the saddle. This will be an advantage when you step off as a calf roper. If you ride hunter jumper, dressage or hunt seat, your pelvic stability and coordination will either make the ride look easy or hard, which it will be if you are weak or have an imbalance to all the heads of a muscle group (the hamstring as an example has 3 heads to the muscle and are rarely in balance). If you ride in working cow horse, you compete in reining or even in the case of riding bulls, being aware of and having control of muscle recruitment is pertinent!

Our level of fitness can be affected if we are thrown, if we fall while skiing, or heaven forbid, we get in a car accident. One of the best ways to also make great gains in the balance and awareness of your body in strength training is unilateral training (working one side at time) and free weights vs. machines. If you don't have access to a gym, not a problem. With the makings of the TRX, a Bosu ball, fit balls, battle ropes, and more, you can still become stronger functionally and create a position of injury prevention! With so many options, don't get overwhelmed or confused - Rider Fit has been presented to bring education and referrals to address any strength conditioning that you need!


5 sessions for 425.00 or 10 session package for 800.00