Rider Fit is reaching out to educate riders on options of therapies to balance out their bodies from those "unplanned dismounts" as Elin Parker Ganschow of Music Meadows Ranch stated so easily and that is true of a riders sport.  You may be a competitive rider in dressage, jumping, rodeo or other events.  You may also be just starting out, riding for pleasure or riding for work on a ranch.  In any one of these settings, we will find ourselves not always on top of the horse, but off to the side or otherwise.  We may also be doing ground work and end up flat on our face or back.  Concussions stack up, ribs get cracked, shoulders start to pinch and back pain leaves many with that John Wayne stride.  Rider Fit offers resources and referrals to body work that can get riders back to a place of less pain, increased flexibility with improved range of motion so that you can continue to ride, train, work and do it all again the next day.  Not only do you want your horse to perform better, faster, smoother, but you want the same of yourself!