"Kristen Mielke appeared in Champion Health in the late summer of 2007 with a four year history of repetitive injuries involving her spine, which was leaning towards a surgery that could have altered her career in such a way that would have excluded her from 2010 Olympic Trials.

Through the expertise and treatment of Active Release Technique by Dr. Mike Leahy, and sports specific strength training by Kris Fiser, Kris Mielke has now returned to Europe and remains among one of the top ranking professionals as her training excels towards the 2010 Winter Olympic Trials."

U.S. World Cup Downhill Skier

"I have known Kris Fiser for over 2 years; I have had the pleasure of not only working with her as my personal trainer but also in the business field. She has shown herself as the ultimate professional. I have seen her work with adults as well as children, her communication skills and knowledge of her profession is unequaled."

PGA Professional

Paul Surniak ,

"Kris Fiser is an outstanding trainer. She helped me regain mobility and flexibility after my two knee replacements so that I could begin to train and play again. She is positive and encouraging in her approach, but, also knows how to challenge you to work harder. It was fun working with Kris and I am sorry she doesn't live out here in California where I am now, because I would be there 5 times a week!

Having been involved with sports, specifically tennis, my entire life I feel I am able to recognize an expert in the field of physical training and athletics. Kris Fiser has trained me personally and I have referred several of my students to her for training. She is an expert in her field and would be a tremendous asset to any program."

Wimbledon Doubles Winner, French Open Doubles Winner, US Open Champion, & Member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame

Dennis Ralston,

"I was suffering some gluteal/hamstring pain, which of course was due to overuse and weakness (I'm a tri- athlete). Kris's knowledge of the human anatomy and how to best strengthen it to avoid injury and improve performance is really just a threshold skill. What raises her above the rest is her well-developed skill to reach out to the person, the athlete – the individual – and understand where they are coming from, where their minds are, what they value and find important....all in an effort to more accurately apply her skills to best help them develop. Without a condescending approach, Kris takes an advisor/coach stance in your development, keeping it fun, and ensuring your specific needs are considered along the way."

Competitive triathlete, entrepreneur, executive coach (GOTRIbal™,LLC and Elevati, Inc.com) - Visit Tanya

Tanya Maslach,