At 60 my birthday gift to myself was to get back into riding by learning dressage.The perfect horse showed up and so did all my old injuries. With Kris's knowledge of riding combined with her therapeutic skills, the gift of riding keeps unfolding. Kris's ability to deeply listen to my body, allows me to keep releasing old patterns. With her encouragement, yes Ex and I will be in the show ring next season.

Thank you Kris!!


Owner of Music Meadows Ranch - Home of Sangres Best

What a rare and refreshing professional woman Kris is! Hard to know where to begin...she knows how to help our bodies become strong and flexible. Kris genuinely cares about people and their struggles and goals related to the physique. Combine that with being an excellent horsewoman and you have a truly unique set of skills that can help put the professional horseman (or bull rider) at the top of their game. I have challenges with my body due partly to the unplanned dismounts inevitable to any horseman who rides and uses horses regularly for a lifetime. In addition, the physical demands of riding are many and unique. Kris is the answer for keeping our bodies working better, working well!

Elin, http://www.musicmeadows.com

"Kris Fiser has been an important resource assisting in management of many of my patients. She has remarkable knowledge regarding nutrition and exercise physiology. She has had success working with some of my most challenging cases. I have researched BioSignature and found it based in solid clinical science. This program is capable of producing positive results both in appearance and general health. If more people worked with Kris Fiser, they would require less treatment with physicians like me."

Dr. Timothy Hall, http://coloradospringspainclinic.com/

"My name is Ali Betsch, and I ski race competitively during the winter.  I have been skiing since I was eighteen months old.  As with any sport, time in the gym is crucial for success.  The summer before the 2010-2011 ski season I worked with Kris Fiser.  Kris trained two girls on the U.S. Ski Team, and had a lot of knowledge on sport specific exercises and programs.  Not only did Kris work to get me as strong as possible, but she also served as a nutritionist.  She gave me a dietary supplement to help with recovery and immunity.  Some of my ski races are a week long, and require finding ways to still eat well on the road.  Kris wrote out a meal plan, with all kinds of different meal and snack ideas to help me perform my best, while competing.

Before I went to Kris, I was doing a lot of endurance work, but not as many strength exercises. Kris incorporated exercises in her programs to strengthen my core, arms, back, and quads, and also had me doing some agility and plyometric exercises.  Ski courses can get rutted, and may have quite a bit of terrain.  To attack such obstacles, it is important to be strong.  It was amazing to see how much easier I could handle terrain and stay in a strong body position through tough areas in the course.  The winter after I worked with Kris, I made it to Junior Olympics and won second place at qualifiers.  That was the best result that I had received throughout the whole time that I had been skiing.  Kris Fiser is obviously an incredible trainer who uses her vast array of knowledge to personalize a program for every individual that she works with to help them push past personal barriers."

Ali Betsch,