About Kris

Coming full circle and returning to her passion for learning more about the different disciplines of riding, events and the mind and body of horses, Kris is combining her years of experience in the health and fitness industry to reintegrate with the world of equestrians and bring to them body improvement and recovery with an insight that is unique through experience as a past competitor herself.  Kris lives in Colorado Springs within her own eclectic family; her husband is a pain management doctor and her daughter is active and competitive in several practices of martial arts.

My Experience,
Concussions, cracked ribs and a broken knee cap are the first "horse" injuries off the top of my head.  When I was young and not so wise, it was thought that the more you could endure, the tougher you were, it was all part of the cowboy/cowgirl way, kind of like an initiation.  My bounce-back-ability was also wonderfully quick.  But then came a new statement I became acquainted with..."later always shows up."  Later for me showed up as back problems, pinching in the hips when I would role over in bed or get in and out of the car, and some pretty significant neck problems (the result of being t-boned in a motor vehicle accident).  My already not so perfect knee then had an ACL tear added to it while skiing one year and well, just like the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, so were all the bumps and bruises.
In our world today, we move at a pace faster than any other time in the past.  Multitasking has taken on a whole new level with the technology of cell phones, Bluetooth and iPads.  And now, we are driven to strive for success on every level which then reduces any spare time we have to address health issues.  We settle and tell ourselves, "I guess this is just how I am going to feel from now on."or, "The aches, the pain, the stiffness....all a part of age."  Then, we not only place unnecessary wear and tear on the body, but then we begin to exhaust our adrenal system, nervous system and our sleep which then wreaks havoc on our hormones and our energy levels.
Well, I did try to tough it out for years until more doctor friends of mine would notice how I walked or gestures I would make to parts of the body that were hurting as I would try to self massage while I was on my way out the door or the fact that I could hardly turn my head.  You would have the impression I was 20 years older than I really was by the way I would move, and, I felt it!  I could write a mini-novel on the recovery process, but will keep it short to say, SOMETHING CAN BE DONE!  Through Soft Tissue Manipulation, chiropractic, stretch therapy, strength training, and nutritional supplementation, I have been able to resolve 90% of the challenges I physically had in the past.  A small percentage of debris will almost always be left over from significant accidents or collisions, but if addressed and treated, we can sure feel better as we continue to try to be Wonder Woman or Super Man!


As one of the most cross trained fitness instructors in Colorado Springs, Kris Fiser has set her sights on encouraging others to live their life through the fullest advantage they can with education at all levels of health.  Over the years, she has had the rare opportunity to learn from leaders in their fields, as well as establishing professional relationships with other professionals, practitioners and doctors in the industry to help her clients and patients enhance their quality of life! Her certifications and study includes:

  • Down Under Horsemanship - Fundamentals with Chris Webb and Intermediate with Carole McNitt
  • ZHealth Vestibular Therapy - Essentials for Elite Performance - pursuing
  • Medical Level III Stretch therapist - Stretch to Win
  • Registered Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Massage Therapist
  • MEDX Cervical and Spine Technician
  • TRX Instructor
  • Advanced Fitness Coach - International Sports and Medicine Assoc.
  • Sports Nutritionist - International Sports and Medicine Assoc.
  • 3 Time National Level Fitness Qualifier - NPC
  • Fitness Model/writer/guest speaker/seminar leader

2013 Best Of the Springs

2014 Best Of the Springs

2015 Best Of the Springs

Volunteer Work

  • National Charity League - current
  • Assistant Volleyball Coach for Jr. High @ CSS - past
  • Equine Therapy- Praying Hands Ranch - past
  • Equine Therapy- Latigo Equestrian Center - past
  • www.restoreinnocence.org - pursuing