Monthly Archives: August 2016

Why Go to Animal Massage School?

Sitting down with coffee in hand at your computer, you realize that you really want to work with animals in some capacity. Actually, you decided this a while ago but now you are ready to make the commitment to do some research on the topic. Working with animals…think harder…okay, you want to help them feel better.…
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Equi-Tape and the Incredible Benefits It Provides

Written by Callie Rulli, Rehabilitation Manager at Acadia Equine Rehabilitation Equi-Tape is “Kinesio Tape” for horses. It is specially designed for sticking to horse hair, and withstanding the wear and tear from our four-legged friends. The slogan of the brand is “train harder, recover quicker”, and countless times this has proven true. There are specific taping…
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The Cycle of Avoiding Movement

This is a conversation I have with almost everyone who comes in for stretch therapy because they are in pain from an injury or simply from overuse/repetitive movements that are related to either exercise, sport, or work. When we start to feel discomfort in the body and we notice it occurs during particular movements, we…
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