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Fitness for the Equestrian

Welcome to the site that offers education to the options available to riders for fitness maintenance, gains, recovery and more.  With an extended background in the health and fitness industry including massage, strength training and stretch therapy, as well as experience in multiple disciplines of riding, Rider Fit will have something to offer everyone and will also be going beyond the rider to the horse as well via vets, farriers, trainers and coaches - see you in the pages below!

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Partnerships & Referrals

Meet doctors and trainers for the rider as well as vets and trainers for the horse! No matter where you live, Rider Fit has access to qualified/certified providers all over the U.S. Simply provide your zip code and we will do our best to meet your needs!

Custom Program

Will be conducted most often in a private consult in person, telephone or via webcam. Custom designs are tailored for the goal in mind regardless of fitness level/experience. Clinics and seminars can also be reserved and customized.

Stretch Therapy

Learn more about the therapy that continues to bring results beyond expectation! Experience movement that you have avoided or simply can't do due to pain and regain your physical confidence and ability.

Strength Training

If you have repetitive injuries or you don't seem to completely recover from a weakness, strength is most often the missing link. If you aspire to be the best you can be physically, get educated about exercises that will take you in those exact directions.